Shodun or Usui Reiki I Certification

Cost: $200

Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho is taught. Content includes an overview of Reiki and the history of Reiki, the Reiki precepts, an overview of the Japanese energetic system, a few basic techniques and meditations, how to practice Reiki on oneself, as well as how to share Reiki with others. Four attunements are shared. Certification is awarded on the completion of the class.

Okudon or Usui Reiki II Certification

Cost: $250

Course content offers more in-depth study of Reiki techniques and meditations, the use of three Reiki symbols and mantras, scanning the human energy field and how to do distance healing. Certification is awarded after completion of class. Follow-up practice sessions are also available.

Shinpiden or Usui Reiki Level III

Cost: $1000

Shinpiden focuses on personal development and teaches the student how to perform attunements. At this level you move into discovering more about the mysteries of life, how you relate to yourself and the universe. This can be practiced for the rest of your life and is always a personal practice you can develop into a teaching practice if you would like.

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To inquire about scheduling a class, please call Nancy at (802) 456-0483. Alternately if calling is not convenient you may email Nancy.

All classes are taught by Nancy Oakes, M.S., Reiki Master Teacher.